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Maatibaani’s latest creation ‘Mhaari Re Mangetar’ featuring Alaa Wardi set to release on the 12th of January

Maatibaani’s latest creation ‘Mhaari Re Mangetar’ featuring Alaa Wardi set to release on the 12th of January

Another virtual collaboration by MaatiBaani, this time inducing a Middle Eastern twist to a classic Rajasthani folk song

Mumbai, January 2017: The creators of the globally culminated album ‘The Music Yantra’, MaatiBaani, have done it again with their new song ‘Mhaari Re Mangetar’ set to release on the 10th of January! Another social-media led collaboration, this time featuring internationally popular artists from the Middle East and Australia, MaatiBaani has brought together different cultures to give a new and funky twist to the age-old popular Rajasthani folk song.

‘Mhaari Re Mangetar’ features the internationally renowned acapella artiste Alaa Wardi from the Middle East effortlessly covering lead and background vocals and two innovative artists from Austaralia; Lindsey Pollak playing an instrument made from a rubber glove and Zaia Kendall creating bass sounds through foot soles. This song is going to be launched as the fifth single of Kartik Shah and Nirali Kartik’s band MaatiBaani which covers all kinds of music from folk to rock and jazz to funk.


Alaa Wardi’s seamless transitions in all of his acapella creations have easily won him the prestige of being one of the best acapella artists in the world. The ingenuity with which he sings and the inherent wit incorporated into his tracks including the numerous Bollywood covers, makes for an extremely entertaining watch.

An old time wedding favorite in Indian culture, ‘Mhaari Re Mangetar’ has been revamped in this innovative amalgamation. The video features a modern twist to the Rajasthani getup and upbeat rhythms created with abstract objects.



MaatiBaani’s novelty lies in their venture to collaborate with artists from around the globe through social platforms. The dynamic duo recently gauged the attention of over 40 million viewers for their genius rendition of the pop king Michael Jackson’s classic ‘Heal The World’ sung by children from all over the globe creating a soul-stirring impact through the message of the song. The video has been shared over a million times and is still trending on social media platforms.

Info – Mhaari Re Mangetar is the fifth song of The Music Yantra series features international acapella sensation Alaa Wardi, and incorporates unconventional musical creations by Australian music geniuses Lindsey Pollak and Zaia Kendall. This rendition is sure to gain popularity amongst the youth of not only india but all over the world as well with its irresistible foot-tapping beats and groovy rhythm .

The unique world music band by Nirali Kartik and Kartik Shah- The Music Yantra launched in February has charted new frontiers in creating music that is led by social media collaboration.  It is the use of rare exotic instruments, folk tunes of India, talent of street musicians coupled with elements of world music from Jazz, Flamenco, Funk, Folk, Rock, Blues, R&B that makes every note of The Music Yantra stand out.

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