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Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh The wonder man of raipur is on the prowl for an Oscar

Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh The wonder man of raipur is on the prowl for an Oscar

From the early days of film, directors have transported audiences from darkened movie theatre to memorable worlds of their own creations. Their artistic visions and technical innovations have made a lasting impression on cinema from early days. One such man who has made a mark in the field of direction as well as production is Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh having multidimentional talent , fondly known as the “MAN OF RECORDS”. While even a single Guinness World Record is beyond most of us, it is certainly pocket-change for this man who holds numerous records for having the highest collection of Philatelic material on Theme Sir Rowland Hill ,highest collection of Philatelic material on Theme Mahatma Gandhi, for making of World’s Largest Envelope, for developing the largest human image of health shield, Largest online photo albums of Hugs, Largest human letter, Largest Online Poker Tournament, Longest Chain of Safety Pins and many more.

He is wellknown over world wide for his Knowledge as well collection of Coins paper money and stamps .

Award-winning director and producer Dr. Bhanu Pratap singh has produced an array of screen projects along with his equally talented son Mr. Aaditya Pratap Singh over the decades, including MANTOSTAAN , The STRONG FAITH and several other short films . He’s very excited and confident about his upcoming project , GANDHI MEMORABILIA, an Indo-US project based on father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, The movie is based on the thoughts of Gandhi, the movie is not a biography and Gandhi is not only about truth and non-violence. In This movie is a  showcase of the unseen part of Bapu. The project is the brain child of Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh, who is also the  director and Writer of the Movie. This movie is produced made under the banner of Aaditya Pratap Singh Entertainments ,through which he plans to come back with an Oscar. Being a Doctor by profession, He did D litt and four PhDs in Various  subjects including Gandhian Thoughts , He is confident to use his research work on Gandhi for making Gandhi Memorabilia a Memorable one .

he’s also associated with a number of NGOs and is also the founder president of Chhattisgarh Mudra Parishad ( Coin Collection), Chhattisgarh Philatelic Sociaty( Stamp Collection)  and  Shri Siyaram Sewa Sansthan ,(an NGO working in the field of Health, Social field , poverty and awareness).


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