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Mauritian Producer Adhir Gunness coming up with – 22 Days

Mauritian Producer Adhir Gunness coming up with – 22 Days

Producer adhir gunness is the first ever producer to make a Bollywood film which is completely shot in Mauritius.” I found shiivam tiwari and his team perfect for my maiden venture 22 days and made a suspense thriller. The film dies nor have a typical villain but there are characters who will appear to be villainish and there are layers and layers of drama and conflicts which are full of twists and turns also.

Writer director and hero shiivam tiwari described aadhir gunness as the gentleman producer who completely had faith in his abilities and also the film is made in French and Hindi and will have English subtitles too for a worldwide release shortly.


Cast : Shiivam Tiwari, Kritika Mishra, Sophiya Singh, Hemant Pandey, Raj Kumar Kanojia, Kirti Singh and Rahul Dev.

Entire film is shot in Mauritius, except 2 songs, one of which is being done. Film “22 DAYS” is being produced by Adhir S Gunness, who is himself from Mauritius.

Actor Director Shivam Tiwari said he is very thankful to producer Adhir, who kept faith in him, to make such a beautiful romantic suspense drama movie, Shivam also thanked his actors specially Rahul Dev, Hemant Pandey, and Aditya Narayan (in guest appearance), Rashmi Ray etc, who coperated. Film is a story of business man Vishal who faces competition with Omtino Industry, while in race where Vishal is leading, Jenny enters in his married life. How Vishal faces all situation is to be seen on screen.

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