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Present at the event- Hema Chowdhary (Founder of Bezubaan) , Khushboo Jain (Trusty of Bezubaan), Mr. & Mrs. Paintal, Hiten Paintal, Namrata Kotak, Pinky, Anjali Desai, Abhijeet Acharjee , Sachin and all volunteers of Bezubaan Public Welfare Trust.
2nd November, 2018 in Mumbai – Bezubaan Public Welfare Trust pays homage to five-year-old Tigress Avni who was shot earlier this month.
The nation mourn over Tigress Avni (T1) death which ignite the debate over how animals are always on the receiving end when it comes to human-animal conflicts Bezubaan Public Welfare Trust- An NGO for the stray cats and dogs organized a Facebook live marathon to protect wild life and justice for Avni.

The protesters displayed posters and banners and citizens raised slogans such as ‘Save our jungles’, ‘We want justice for Avni’
Hema Chowdhary, founder of Bezubaan Public Welfare Trust said “The purpose of this marathon is to mourn Avni’s death, seek justice, spread awareness and sustainable change for the future generations. It is to honour Avni’s memory, while highlighting her unlawful execution”
Telly actress who has done shows like Firangi Bahu & many- Khushboo Jain, Trusty of Bezubaan Public Welfare Trust “We are all united and we will not let this happen with any animal. We need justice for Avni . It is high time government realizes that lack of action is agitating the citizens”

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