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Team Manipadma Launches Their Programs At Impact Meet 2019

Team Manipadma Launches Their Programs At Impact Meet 2019

Manipadma is the world’s largest human development origins to have a world free of sufferings. The vision of Manipadma is to identify obsession for ownership as the root cause of all human sufferings. It also commits to global women empowerment as a highest priority measure for the upliftment of humanity.

Manipadma also acknowledges ruby consciousness as the collective consciousness for the next 2500 years. The organisation seeks to spearhead and felicitate supreme self intelligence.


Manipadma has several projects such as clubs council, human services and excellence projects, pilot stage, pilot programs, pilot initiatives, pre pilot projects, campaigns.

Manish Paliwal, founder, chairman and CMD, Manipadma had a keen interest in human development causes from a very young age. Darryl D’souza is a co-founder, prime director-technical and an apex member. Mandeep Dalor is a prime director- communications and an apex member.

Actress Deepshikha Nagpal, who graced the event, says, “I Believe in women empowerment so I appreciate that Manipadma has taken this step as it helps women who are undergoing depression. Even I was under depression once and I got support from my family as I was lost but but finally I overcame it and started working. I wanted to say all the best of luck to this great Initiative.”

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