Actor Rajveer Singh Will Now Travel From Kashi To Kashmir

There are more content than stars In Bollywood movies these days. New actors in new and good stories are also winning the hearts of the audience with their amazing acting talent. Rajveer Singh, a new comer actor who considers content to be the king, is an emerging artist who is not only leading some Bollywood movies but is also active on digital platforms.

Rajveer Singh made his Bollywood debut with the most controversial film “Ram Ki Janmabhoomi”, directed by Sanoj Mishra, who made headlines in the film ‘Gandhigiri’, starring Ompuri. In this film, Rajveer Singh got an opportunity to work with actors like Manoj Joshi and Govind Namdev. He appeared in a very important character in this film. Inspired by the true incidents, Rajveer Singh created a different identity through this realistic film and now he is playing the lead role in the director Sanoj Mishra’s upcoming film Kashi to Kashmir and he feels that this is the right time for the release of this type of films.

Rajveer Singh, who belongs to a middle class family of Punjab, believes in luck. The passion to become an actor brought him to Delhi and then to Mumbai. Rajveer Singh, who started with a Punjabi album, showed the magic of his acting in many regional films, when Sanoj Mishra offered him Ram ki Janmbhoomi.

In Ram ki Janmbhoomi, there was an attempt to show the Ayodhya issue as well as the burning issue of triple talaq and halala. Such a case has happened in real life also. In this, Teen Talaq given to a woman and then she was Halala (married) with her father-in-law. Now what happened to the girl’s heart is shown in this film. In this film, my wife’s name is Rehana. In the film, my wife Rehana is played by actress Nazneen Patni. I argue with Rehana in the film. And then he gets divorced and her “Halala” done with her father-in-law. At the same time, Rihana becomes pregnant and creates confusion as to whose child she is going to be the mother of? her divorced husband or her father-in-law? In this sad situation, this woman gets suicide. Govind Namdev played the role of my father in the film. Most parts of this sensitive film were shot in the real locations of Ayodhya. ”

Now in his next film Kashi to Kashmir, Rajveer Singh is going to play a very challenging role. He will also appear in a short film on issue like rape, which will be sent to many international film festivals. The short film is titled “The Perfect Smile”, directed by Bandita Borha.

Rajveer Singh considers digital platforms to be present and future. “See, today is the age of digital. People want to see all the content on their mobiles. Of course, movies have their own aura and everyone wants to do movies but web series And short movies are also running successfully today and are captivating the audience well. I am ready to work on both the platforms and I am doing it too. ”

Highly impressed by the acting of Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn and Ranbir Kapoor, Rajveer Singh wants to work with film makers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Rajkumar Hirani and Anurag Kashyap.

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