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Mrs Sarita Sunil Pal Donated Her Hair For Father’s Condolence and Cancer Patients Help

Mrs  Sarita Sunil Pal Donated Her Hair For Father’s Condolence and Cancer Patients Help

Myself Mrs. Sarita Sunil Pal , wife of Mr. Sunil Pal ( Comedian/ Actor) , and a Daughter of Late . SAHEBLAL MISHRA,  Just wanted to do something which will not only give me pleasure but also peace to my departed Father’s Soul.

My father was battling CANCER and passed away recently on 20th Feb 2021. I could not save him or say serve him and do nothing extra for him so somehow managed to DONATE my Hair to  one patient who is battling CANCER and has lost the confidence because of her  fight with Chemo.

I PLEDGED to donate my hair to a cancer Patient because my dad passed away with CANCER.

I took some research with freinds and  Social Media and Facebook search gave  me an instant opportunity with Hyderabad Hair Donations for Cancer Patients Organization which is a Non Profitable Organisation .

I realised that if I donate my full hair from crown then it can bring smile and happiness to atleast one person on this planet and it can be converted into WIG so a thought  pondered as “FROM ONE WOMAN TO ANOTHER “and decided to shave my hair on International Women’sday cause if I remove hair on Father’s Rituals of 13th day it would have been some controversy in family and society but I want to spread a message to society on this note. WHY CAN’T A GIRL SHAVE HAIR FOR HER FATHER ??

I shaved my hair and sent to Shiva who is the founder of above said Organization and I also thought to sponsor the wig making process cost .

And when i opened up on this Pledge to My Husband Mr. Sunil Pal ( actor / comedian), he  respected my decision and boosted my  morale , he gave me more strength. My kids were more proud and encouraged me to do this social as well as noble cause.Today I truly feel happy and blessed . My PLEDGE completed in a wonderful way. I just pray and wish that departed soul of my FATHER also smiles and finds peace with my small effort .My mother always counted me an EXTRA in family, my Birth have been very painful for her but that EXTRA word changed my entire LIFE and I wish that I keep doing , I keep getting some EXTRA blessings throughout my life.With all shaved Hair ponytails, I sent a cheque of INR 5,100/- to Shiva with a wish to bear the cost of wig making.

“Happiness is all about Sharing ” do you read that on my Tee.. YES…I did my part and if anyone who finds this gesture good and feels  inspired  then do something extra in life.


If I could motivate few with my gesture then i will feel my Pledge is worth.

I would request everyone to share this with others ….

Love you all, always will be #thankful #grateful #happy for all the #abundance #blessings.

“Proud to be a  Woman”

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