Produced by Shivyog Films, Presented by  Shindhujaa Films Entertainment,  Writer-Director S. Pyareelal, Producer Tukaram Shankar Devkar, Nirmithi Pramukh Ram Krishna Shankar, Co- producer  Kishore Baburao Gangurde, Executive Producer Rahul Tiwari, Lyrics writer  Anil Hire, Sheela Jha Music Tuhin Bishwas & Biplab Dutt, Cinematography  Pawan Sahu, Choreography  Seema Karan, Fight  IqbalContinue Reading

The  DI (Digital Intermediate) of  R.K. Yande Films’ Lai Jhakaas Marathi)  and the recording of the background music  by Bapi Tutul( music composers of Ram Gopal Verma’s films) is now completed. The first digital copy of the film will be out this week  and the film will be ready forContinue Reading

Writer-director Datta Mirkute ( of PREM SANKAT fame) has announced three films titled KADAK and TADKA, both in Marathi while he will also write and direct I LOVE YOU in Hindi. The cast and other credits of the three films will be finalised by 15th March and the shooting willContinue Reading

Producer Adil Baloch and A.R.B. Films’ maiden venture Journey Premachi(Marathi) has been passed by the censors with U certificate( for Universal Exhibition). The film is now all set for release on 3rd March. Parth Shah, son of  wellknown producer Vinod Shah( wellknown producers  Harish Shah and Vinod Shah who have producedContinue Reading

Mumbai: Love is love and it’s the same for everyone (प्रेम म्हणजे प्रेम म्हणजे प्रेम असतं, तुमचं आणि आमचं अगदी सेम असतं) … This same kind of love was spread all over on the day of love which is on Valentine’s Day. The world was filled with red air andContinue Reading

The first look of Producer Adil Baloch and A.R.B. Films’ maiden venture Journey Premachi(Marathi) was held on 30th January at Plaza Talkies, Dadar,Mumbai. The film  is all set for17th February release in over 80 screens all over Maharashtra. Directed by Amol Bhave, the film stars Abhishek Sethiya, Kashmira Kulkarni,Madhav Deochakke,Atul Abhyankar,ParagContinue Reading