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Jashn Agnihotri Her Journey From Air Hostess To Filmdom

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Jashn Agnihotri is a model and actress. She has worked in many Punjabi films, TV and print advertisements, webseries and Hindi films and is doing many more projects. She has worked in many music albums. Recently, she was also seen in a music album with actor Shreyas Talpade. She shared her experience of working with Shreyas Talpade that he is a greatly skilled actor, he does not require many retakes and he is also expert in his work. It was a pleasure to work with such an experienced actor and learn new things from him.

 Jashn Agnihotri has appeared in a song of Madhur Bhandarkar’s film Indu Sarkar.

 Her Hindi film ‘Kaisi Yeh Dor’ is going to be released soon. The trailer of the film has been launched. This is a film that understands the true meaning of relationships and family.  Jashn’s character is playing the lead in this film. At the beginning of the film she is a bubbly, happy-go-lucky kind of a person. This film is based on a small town and in the ups and downs of the film’s story, there is a change in her personality and in the end she becomes evolved and serious. There are many shades in her character.  The film has been shot in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. The shooting of the film took place during peak winter season in UP which was not very easy yet very exciting .

Before coming into the film industry, Jashn was an air hostess and used to travel from Delhi to Mumbai on flights. Jashn Agnihotri tells that she never thought that she would one day become a part of the film industry but fate pulled her in this direction. She belongs to Delhi and was working as an air hostess when people from film industry on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai suggested her to try her luck in acting. She liked the suggestion and came to Mumbai and gave a few auditions. She liked Mayanagari very much and after some time she decided to stay here and become a part of it, at first taking baby steps into modeling and then finally acting.  Jashan loves watching films, reading and learning new things and languages. Her favorite actors are Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan. She has received Best Actress Award for the Punjabi film ‘Thappa’. She has also received the Indu US Cultural Ambassador award. She has many awards in her list of awards.

Jashn says that films influence people in a big way & that they have an impact on people’s lives in some way or the other. Therefore, she wants to do films which give a good message to the people and impact their lives positively .

Jashn says that people are moving away from their family and culture. Earlier it was so pleasant to live in a joint family, people were bound by their traditions and culture, but now everyone is moving away from their loved ones and their culture.  A person should never forget the importance of his roots. External appearances are just an illusion which will fade away one day.


Jashn Agnihotri Her Journey From Air Hostess To Filmdom

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BHARAT NATIONAL NEET 23 A Grand 3 Day Event in form of JANAJATIYA GAURAV DIVAS is being organized on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December in Malad West.

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This Event is attributed to the Memory of Dharti Aaba Bhagwan Birsa Munda.


Prominant Personalities and Speakers who are proficient in their respective fields will participate in this National Debate on how our Country of BHARAT is marching towards the destination of a Progressive Nation and how every Citizen can contribute their bit to the acceleration and prosperity of our Nation and how we collectively can give momentum to strengthen the Leadership of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji who has a vision to also take together the Janajatia Community of Bharat in this March of Progress. The Janajatiya Community has a significant role in the Freedom Movement of Our Country.

Unity in Diversity has always been our Countrys Forte and we do have several challenges to be met. This thought process will prove a guideline to the younger Generation of our Nation is the thought of the National Spokesperson of Shri PREM KUMAR of PRADHANMANTRI ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT ABHIYAN SANGHATHAN. 

With this Event we will begin with providing a platform for the younger generation of our Country to which we look forward with lots of hope and expectation. Our Country of BHARAT will not only become MAHASHAKTI but will prove to be a MAHASATTA in this Mission of LEAD BHARAT 2036.

The Foundation is to be built by the entire Nation and the time is NOW, feels Prem kumar. Mumbai North Member of Parliament Shri Gopal Shetty ji is the Chief Guest of this Event who will  speak his mind and give guidelines  to us all.

Renouned Educationist, Social Worker, National Activist and Founder Trustee of Children Welfare Centres  College of Law Shri Ajay Kaul ji, Shri Prashant Kashid, Pradhanmantri Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Sanghathan National President Shri Mukesh Sharma, Working President Shri Ramkumar Pal, Secretary Shri Bhavesh Joshi, Social Activist Sundari Thakur, Advocate Bindu Dube, BJP Leader Manoj Kumar Singh, International Rock Painter Shri Subodh Nemlekar , Businessman Shri Pawan Kumar,  Journalist Shri Arun Lal , Businessman Shri Chand Seth, Educationist Shri Shamsher Rahi, Businessman and Social Activist Shri Pankaj Soni, Advocate Akhilesh Dube and Advocate Shri V K Dubey, Dr. Amulya Sahu and others of the National Team has collectively attributed to the fulfillment of this National  Event.

We are proud  that The Chief Guest of Honour for this National Event is Graced by Nationally Renouned PIL MAN OF INDIA Shri ASHWINI KUMAR UPADHYAY who is the Supreme Court of INDIA Lawyer.



BHARAT NATIONAL NEET 23 A Grand 3 Day Event in form of JANAJATIYA GAURAV DIVAS  is being organized on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December in Malad West.

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Cheetahjkd Celebrates Bruce Lee 83rd Birth Anniversary With Commando Hero Prem Parrijaa & Ashok Beniwal Dedicated To Educate Under Fc Privileged Children And Awareness On “No To Drug”

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Cheetah Yajnesh Shetty, Rakesh Anna Shetty & Dr Harish Bhujanga Shetty with galaxy of movie stars were present in this occasion 27th Nov. 2023 at Celebration Club at Lokhandwala Andheri. There is ChitahJKD celebrated 15th National Championship”. Sh. Shagoon Wagh enlighted  the lamp. Shri Vithal Shetty Foundation Trophy” presented to the top 3 winners, awareness programe on” No to drug”  in presence of Dr Harish Bhujanga Shetty “Governing Council National Institute of Social Defense , Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Govt of India .

Associate partner Rakesh Anna Shetty of Shri Vithal shetty Foundation is helping in educating under privileged children, supported by Kartik Kider.

Bollywood’s well-known Martial Arts Guru and Best Film Action Choreographer of the Decade Dr.Cheetah Yajnesh Shetty has also been honored with the degree of ‘Doctorate of Philanthropy (PhD) in Martial Arts Pure Science’ by the ‘Global Martial Arts University Grant Commission’.  Cheetah Yajnesh Shetty has till now given martial arts training to more than 150 Bollywood stars and about 10 lakh women.


Cheetahjkd Celebrates Bruce Lee 83rd Birth Anniversary With Commando Hero Prem Parrijaa & Ashok Beniwal  Dedicated To Educate Under Fc Privileged Children And Awareness On “No To Drug”

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From Theatre To Television And Films, Actress Christina Bali’s Remarkable Rise In The Entertainment Industry

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In the competitive and vibrant world of cinema, only talent can help you succeed in the long run. Proving her potential with immense talent, Indian film and television actress Christina Bali has been steadily making a name for herself, leaving a significant mark in the industry. Passionate to be in front of the camera, Christina has always loved to express herself to a larger audience.

Undoubtedly, her dedication to the art of acting has seen her progress in the entertainment world. With her roots in Delhi, Christina Bali completed her acting course at the Star Film & Academy in Mumbai back in 2017. While she completed her education in Delhi, and after earning a diploma degree, she moved to Mumbai, adding another layer to her diverse skill set by becoming a trained teacher.

Balancing her business pursuits, she found her true calling on the stage. It was then she joined a theatre group in Indore where she successfully showcased her acting skills by performing in numerous plays. It is known that the entertainment industry is a demanding arena, and Christina embodies the resilience required for success. Her dedication and passion for film and television have been the driving forces behind her journey.

As a TV artist, Christina has faced a myriad of challenges. However, she has made sure to improvise her skills and work hard on the craft of acting.     One of the notable chapters in Christina’s career was when she seized the opportunity to work as a supporting artist in the film ‘Dream Girl 2’ sharing the screen with acclaimed actors Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday.

Collaborating on such a prominent project speaks volumes about her talent and the recognition she is garnering in the competitive industry. “The character length does not matter to me. What matters the most is how beautifully I portray my character on screen. I have always worked with utmost sincerity, and it helped me get a role as a supporting artist in such a big Hindi film”, reveals Christina.

With her work, Christina Bali is eventually becoming a noteworthy name in the industry. Earlier, she has featured in various shows, ads, and web series in diverse supporting and character roles. This versatile approach showcases her ability to breathe life into different roles, capturing the attention of audiences and industry insiders alike.

As she continues to scale new heights, Christina Bali remains focused on her acting career, with more exciting projects in her kitty. Watch out for Christina Bali as she is set to impress the audiences and contribute to the dynamic landscape of Indian film and television with multiple projects already in the pipeline.


From Theatre To Television And Films, Actress Christina Bali’s Remarkable Rise In The Entertainment Industry

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Dr Piyali Roy – A Remarkable Journey From Dentistry To The Spotlight

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Dr. Piyali is a remarkable lady of substance who has broken through traditional boundaries to carve out a space for herself in the fashion industry. Her story is an encouraging one of unwavering resolve, dispelling myths, and valuing variety. By walking for Manhattan Fashion Model and New York Fashion Week, this Indian fashion sensation left an enduring impression on the global scene—an accomplishment that is widely recognized.

What sets Dr. Piyali apart is her ability to juggle multiple roles, she is a mother and is practicing dental surgeon in USA ,she is also pursuing her dreams and passion as a fashion model and international pageant winner, and yet rising to prominence as a Curvy model. Her journey showcases the strength of a married woman who boldly dismantled the barriers of the fashion world.

Her open-minded and diverse approach was demonstrated when she graced the runway for French designer Michael Saller, donning walk-on leather jackets in a stunning array of hues. This bold step marked her presence on the international fashion ramp, highlighting her as an iconic Indian model. She has been invited to join Milan and Paris Fashion week in 2024.

Further, she effortlessly transitioned from the French to Indian fashion scene, showcasing the ethereal beauty of Swarovski-embedded gowns in Vaishali Kumar’s collection. Her success story continues as she takes the coveted position of a showstopper for upcoming shows.

Dr. Piyali’s portfolio is as diverse as her own spirit, with a pink chiffon attire adding to her list of accomplishments. She is poised to grace the European fashion scene, promising an exciting new chapter in her already illustrious career.

Her boundless energy was further on display as she mesmerized the audience while walking for Randhawa Brands, personifying the essence of a Maharani in ethnic and traditional attire, all the way from Washington DC.

One of her most celebrated moments was being the exclusive Indian model to walk and talk the show at New York Fashion Week. The renowned Rohit Verma recognized her unique qualities and invited her to take center stage in his exquisite Banjara collection Prime show in NYFW . And the most Exotic ‘save the leopard ‘ fashion show in NYFW . Her contribution to the cause of saving leopards in a nomadic life-themed show is a source of immense pride, and her image gracing the Time Square billboard is a testament to her astounding success.

None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of the media, Dr. Piyali’s event management team, “My Dream  TV USA ‘and their tireless efforts to elevate her presence on a global scale.

She is representing Indian South Asian fashion on New York fashion week stage.

Dr. Piyali’s story is a symphony of determination, diversity, and success that will resonate for years to come, proving that one can achieve greatness when passion meets purpose. Her journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities when one dares to dream beyond boundaries.

Byline: Sapna Shah

Mumbai based Educator and a content writer.


Dr Piyali Roy – A Remarkable Journey From Dentistry To The Spotlight

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Actress Priyanka Tiwari has Distinction Of Working In Many music albums in Punjabi, Hindi and other languages

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The Haryanvi song ‘Desi Desi Na Bola Kar Chhori Re’ has left a different image on the people and actress Priyanka Tiwari’s different style is seen in this melodious and famous music album.  Priyanka Tiwari has worked on music albums in Punjabi, Hindi and other languages.  Along with this, she is also working in serials, webseries and South Indian films.  Priyanka has also been seen in a different look and style in many print advertisements.

Priyanka Tiwari was born and educated in Pune city of Maharashtra.  After completing her education, she started working in Indian Airlines as an air hostess, but the game of fate is strange.  There was a new turning point in his life and he turned towards modeling and acting.  The germination of this flourishing tree took place during his teenage years.  Once a Bal Gandharva dance show was organized in Pune, Priyanka was victorious in that show and she got the award from actress Renuka Shahane and it was from here that her interest was awakened in her mind to move forward in the field of acting and dance.  When she got the opportunity, she started her career with modeling. For this, after defeating many girls in the audition, Priyanka entered into advertising.

 Priyanka Tiwari belongs to a reputed and religious family.  She considers her father as her role model and he has had a great influence on Priyanka.  Along with acting, Priyanka also does PR and social work.  He loves to learn something new and do something exciting like riding, paragliding, shooting etc.  She likes to listen to the songs of Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, Sonu Nigam and Arijit Singh.  Smita Patil, Saira Banu, Hema Malini and Sadhna are his favorite actresses.  Her acting and simplicity impresses him.

Priyanka says that right now the youth are getting very influenced by the western culture and are moving away from the art and culture of their country whereas our culture is the best and most effective.  Be sure to follow the good qualities of foreign culture but do not blindly imitate them because you may lose your culture and your own existence.  You yourself keep your aura so strong that people become willing to follow you.  Priyanka considers her work as her God.  She is trying to take Indian culture and tradition forward.  It wants to convey to the people the unique form of clothing, food, culture, nature and environment of different regions of the country.  That form, which is unseen and hidden in a magical sheet, wants to do this unique work by shaking the hearts of the people of the country and abroad.

 In the present times, digital platforms have become an easy medium to reach people’s homes. She wants to try to make life inspiring and joyful through this medium.


Actress Priyanka Tiwari has Distinction Of Working In Many  music albums in Punjabi, Hindi and other languages

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India Will Soon Be Completely Free From Left-Wing Extremism: Union Home Minister Amit Shah

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah, on Friday, addressed the 59th Raising Day Parade of the Border Security Force in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. On this occasion, Shah made it clear that soon, India will be completely free from left-wing extremism. The entire nation is aware that left-wing extremism has been a hindrance to India’s development for decades, yet no government since independent India has provided a solution to this issue. The menace of left-wing extremism has persisted and extended its influence into various regions.

Since 2014, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, significant efforts have been made to address left-wing extremism. In 2019, when Amit Shah assumed the position of Union Home Minister, record achievements were made under his guidance in countering left-wing extremism. The foresight of Modi and the precise strategies of Shah have led to substantial success against left-wing extremism in 2022 and 2023. Priority has been given to the establishment of new camps for Central Armed Police Forces and the implementation of Shah’s initiatives in affected areas. The creation of 199 new camps and an increase in patrolling have resulted in a reduction of resources available to left-wing extremists.

Over the past nine years, due to the efforts of the Modi government, incidents of violence have decreased by 52%, and fatalities have decreased by 70%. Affected districts have reduced from 96 to 45, and police stations have decreased from 495 to 176. Under Shah’s adept guidance, history was made as villages surrounded by jungles became polling centers for the first time, with people actively participating in the electoral process. Record-breaking voting in challenging areas reflects Shah’s unwavering efforts to liberate regions from Naxalism and connect them to the mainstream of development.

The once Naxal stronghold of Jharkhand, with its daunting hills and dense forests, is now entirely free from Naxal influence. The hill where Naxalites used to hold Jan Adalats and issue decrees to the residents is now home to schools. With the CRPF, BSF, and ITBP ready for the final assault, today marks the last phase of the battle against left-wing extremism. In conclusion, Amit Shah’s commitment, along with the determined resolve of the Bharatiya Janata Party, proves that the day when India is entirely free from left-wing extremism is not far away.”

India Will Soon Be Completely Free From Left-Wing Extremism: Union Home Minister Amit Shah

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EXPOPEDIA Unveils AMALGAMATION – 11: A Fusion of Artistry in Cymroza Art Gallery

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From: 1st to 4th December 2023


“Amalgamation – 11″

An Exhibition of Paintings, Prints & Sculptures 


Cymroza Art Gallery

72 Bhulabhai Desai Road

Breach Candy, Mumbai 400 026

Timings: 11 am to 7pm  

Contact:  98195 11124 

EXPOPEDIA Unveils Amalgamation-11: A Fusion of Artistry in Mumbai 

In a momentous announcement, EXPOPEDIA is set to showcase the 11th edition of “Amalgamation,” an enthralling exhibition that converges the worlds of paintings, prints, and sculptures. This cultural extravaganza promises to be a beacon for art enthusiasts in Mumbai.

This show was inaugurated on 1st December 2023 by distinguished Chief Guest, Mr. Anant Gadgil(Renowned  Architect & MLC), in the presence of Guest of Honor , Mr. Mahendra Kalantri, Director of Acclaim Systems (India) Pvt Ltd amongst art aficionados and artists. 

Amalgamation-11 brings together a diverse array of talented artists, including Prakash Bal Joshi, Vinod Venkapalli, Om Swami, Sonali Korde, Asit Kumar Patnaik, Yogini Sharma, Umesh Kumar, Smita Sahu, B.R. Pandit, Shalu Parasrampuria, Maya Menon, Shyama Nadimpalli, Rakhee Shah, Mini Suboth, Kadambari Mehta, Prof. Mangal Gogte, Alka Pandey, Dr. Priya Yabaluri, Seema Hedaoo, Priyal Thakkar, Selve Singh, Kaushal Parikh, Sakshi Babaria, Rachna Agha, Avijit Roy, Kavita Bhandari. 

These artists collectively contribute to the rich tapestry of artistic expression.

Their works promise to create a visual symphony that transcends boundaries and captivates the imagination.

At the helm of curating this artistic journey is Ms. Aparimita Sapru, a visionary curator whose expertise ensures a seamless blend of creativity and expression. For inquiries and further information, Ms. Sapru can be reached at 9819511124. 

EXPOPEDIA’s Amalgamation-11 is not just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of creativity, diversity, and the boundless possibilities that art offers. As the doors of the Cymroza Art Gallery open, a world of imagination and inspiration awaits all who step inside.


EXPOPEDIA Presents AMALGAMATION – 11  An Art Exhibition by 26 cotemporary artists  in Cymroza Art Gallery

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MAITHILI Paintings Exhibition By Five Women Artists @ Art Entrance Gallery

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From: Monday, 27th November to Sunday, 10th December 2023


An Exhibition of Paintings

By Women Artists – Pratibha Wagh, Jyotsna Sonavane, Rekha Bhiwandikar, Mita Vora, Paneri Bhiva Punekar


Art Entrance Gallery

Army & Navy Building, M G Road,

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai – 400001

Timing: 10am to 8pm

Contact: +91 9820128651

Kala Ghoda Association Presents ‘Maithili’ Exhibition Celebrating Women Artists

This show was inaugurated on 27th November 2023 by Brinda Miller(KGA Chairperson & an eminent artist)

The exhibition features the works of five talented women artists: Pratibha Wagh, Jyotsna Sonavane, Rekha Bhiwandikar, Mita Vora, Paneri Bhiva Punekar. Each artist brings a unique perspective and style to the showcase, making it a diverse and vibrant collection.

The show is curated by Varsha Karale

Pratibha Wagh’s Enchanting Canvases 

An artist of any discipline first sees the idea manifest in his mind and then begins his expression of it. Mrs. Pratibha Wagh celebrates nature in her mind before giving it a form to be enjoyed by its beholders. Her paintings of nature are resplendent with the rich influences of Madhubani, Chitrakathi and Indian miniature paintings. The resultant style inherently demands a rather difficult merger of detailing and precision while the size of her canvas doesn’t allow her the liberty of being artistically vague, it does insist upon sharp precision of strokes that are at once bold and light. Mrs. Wagh manages this tightrope walk with consummate ease. Her paintings give you a distinctly joyous experience of a dreamlike state, and their old world. The message in her paintings is loud and clear. Unless man loves and respects  nature, he has no right to its beauty and benevolence. 

Jyotsna Sonavane: A Journey Inward 

Jyotsna Sonavane describes her artistic journey as an inward exploration for outward expressions. Her abstract language of lines and colors captures the evolving compositions that gain new meanings over time. Inspired by nature, Sonavane’s paintings mimic the organic beauty of stone, petrified wood, and flowing rainwater. The emotional depth of her work is conveyed through the movement of brushwork and layered colors, creating a rich history within each piece.

Rekha Bhivandikar: Exploring Memories Through Art

Rekha Bhivandikar, a contemporary artist, presents ‘Memories,’ an exhibition that reflects her deep admiration for memories. Having grown up in a small village, Wada, Bhivandikar’s journey as a commercial artist includes 26 group exhibitions throughout India. Her recent focus involves exploring the similarities and differences between Maharashtra Lok Kala-Warli and Bihar-Madhubani, creating a fusion of these traditional art forms.

Mita Vora: Passionate Tigers on Canvas

Mita Vora’s art is centered around the majestic tiger, symbolizing physical strength, vitality, and health. Through the use of ink and palette knife on canvas, Vora skillfully brings these powerful creatures to life. Her commendable and brilliant style involves a universal mix of raw and bold layers of colors, reflecting subtle values and positive attributes associated with the tiger.

Paneri Bhiva Punekar: Transcendence of Banaras

Paneri Bhiva Punekar’s series, ‘Transcendence of Banaras,’ is a thematic conceptualization of the religious sanctity, glory, and divine fervor associated with the holy city of Varanasi. Using poster colors on paper in her unique style, Punekar’s works artistically adorn various pieces with ethnic and exquisite hues, capturing the spirituality prevalent in the temples, shrines, and continuous chanting at the Ghats. 

The ‘Maithili’ exhibition is a celebration of the divine energy inherent in women, transferred onto rich, vibrant canvases that aim to invoke the same energy in the viewers. The participating artists bring years of experience and hard work to this showcase, making it a must-visit for art enthusiasts and the general public alike. 


MAITHILI Paintings Exhibition By Five Women Artists @ Art Entrance Gallery

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THE CHILDHOOD STORIES An Exhibition of Paintings by well-known artist Madhavi Joshi in Jehangir Art Gallery

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From: 27th November to 3rd December 2023

“The Childhood Stories”

An Exhibition of Paintings by well-known artist Madhavi Joshi


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: +91 93254 00038


This show was inaugurated on 27th November 2023 by Bir & Neev (Child Artist), Pooja & Kalpesh Joshi(Architects) in the presence of Nitin Jadia(Art Collector), Dr. Navroz Kotwal(Orthodontist), Dr. Subhash Shah(POPO Landon) among others.

 About Artist Madhavi Joshi                                                From time immemorial, numerous art forms emerged through man’s aesthetic adventure. Amongst them painting is one of the most creative art forms which uplifts the mind, life and soul towards the divine.

In the realm of art an artist always gets inspiration from the environment and entourage he lives in. Artist Madhavi Joshi  Engineer by qualification and Artist by passion graduated in Fine Arts Painting from  Pune University has a unique style depicting spiritual Indian mythological idols and Hindu iconography through her paintings .

She has exhibited her work through 25+ solo and  100+group exhibitions in famous galleries in India and abroad and achieved more than 10 awards.

In addition to this she has participated in numerous auctions and donated her paintings for charities.

Her series of paintings represents her artistic expression on the sanctity and relevance of numerous vignettes of Indian culture compared to their modern practices.

In her series – ‘The Divine Perception’ , she has inculcated various elements of nature, their symbols and iconography to impart visual effects of glory and transparency along with the memories of countries past heritage through impressive strokes .The relevance’s of various colours and symbols and their sanctity along with meditational hues are prominent in her work.

The artist’s work in her latest series ‘The Childhood stories’  is characterized by its thought-provoking narrative, which not only showcases the beauty of nostalgia but also addresses critical issues that demand our attention and empathy. Through her intriguing and engaging techniques, she manages to create a striking juxtaposition between the joys and the hardships of childhood, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer’s mind. This series serves as a testament to the power of art to convey complex emotions and to draw attention to important social issues in a visually captivating and emotionally resonant manner.

Relevance of vivid lines , geometrical figures , shapes and contours along with their colourful lines through the illuminations/brightness , light and shade and reflection effects in the apt arenas have together enhanced the visual perceptive levels in her creations which often amaze and mesmerises one and all by leaving an indelible impact on their  minds and souls.

 She says that “nature is a wonderful art piece created by god –whether it is Earth ,Space,Universe,Living beings or divine natural powers are enough to ignite my imagination and inspire me to create and pursue my artistic journey.”


Artist Madhavi Joshi Exhibits Her Solo Show THE CHILDHOOD STORIES At Jehangir Art Gallery

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