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Hetal Shukla Art Exhibition Titled – Eye Didn’t Note

Hetal Shukla Art Exhibition Titled – Eye Didn’t Note

Hetal shukla art exhibition titled “Eye Didn’t Note” inaugurated by Jaykumar Rawal (ministry of Tourism Govt of Maharashtra), Ram Shinde (Water Conservation and protocol) and Vijay Kalaantri (Voice Chairman, World Trade Centre Mumbai). The cognitive associations we attach to a currency note can sometimes be so powerful that we refuse to recognise it as anything else.

That’s the sort of mental shackle that artist Hetal Shukla wants to break with his latest exhibition, titled Eye Didn’t Note. For it, he asked 100 people, as an experiment, to recollect the images on a `100 note. But almost none of them could do so, because the only value they put to the piece of paper is monetary, not aesthetic, one. Shukla thus themed his exhibition around the subject, reimagining currency notes as more than just paper money. Pay a visit to Jehangir Art Gallery before May 21 to check them out.

——–Abhishek Dubey(PRO)

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