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PROBLEM NO PROBLEM Is The First Ever Comedy Web Series

PROBLEM NO PROBLEM  Is The First Ever Comedy Web Series

Producer Ajay Jaswal of Apeksha Films has produced the first ever comedy web series titled PROBLEM NO PROBLEM. He launched the web series in a grand manner on 6th June at Rahejha Classique. He spoke to Mohan Ayyer about the web series and the experiences he had with his unit people.


Why did you attempt a comedy web series ?

Eversince the web series craze began, I noticed that the makers were choosing thrilllers, horror, sex and other types of genre but no body thought of making a comedy web series.  The idea of making a comedy web series came to my mind. My good friend of 35 years Dinesh Dubey had a comedy subject and I liked it immensely. Thus I have made PROBLEM NO PROBLEM  which will make everybody laugh,laugh and only laugh. The web seires is made for the entire family to enjoy together . Children, teenagers,elders and even olderly people will enjoy every moment of this web series.

How do you plan to release the web series ?
On 6th June, my web portal will be releasing  the first season of PROBLEM NO PROBLEM. We have already made ten episodes of ten minutes each. Every 10th day, we will upload the new episode.

You seem to have a fancy for comedy fares.

Earlier too, I had attempted a comedy tele-serial DO AUR DO CHAR in 2000. I have  full confidence in the youth power whose first preference is comedy. The age group of 7 to 20 are always busy with their mobiles and they dont watch television as the elders in the house prefer to see their favourite serials etc. and the youth are on their own world of mobiles, computers etc. The first thing they will try to see is a comedy thing which will make them laugh. So, I think PROBLEM NO PROBLEM is the best tonic for all the audiences  of the world who want to remain chilled with lighter moments and also the saying goes that Laughter Is The Best Medicine.



Writer-director Dinesh Dubey began as an assistant in the film MERE SAATH CHAL stg Smita Patil, Farooque Shaikh and others. Since then he has turned to the small screen and has made over 400 episodes of various tele-serials like DO AUR DO CHAR,PREM NAGAR,KAISE KAHOON on Zee and many more. He has also directed two feature films viz. JAB SE HUA HAI PYAAR and one English film ONLY DOLLARS. He spoke to Mohan Ayyer.

Tell us something about PROBLEM NO PROBLEM.

I was watching the problems of Aam Aadmi who are the live wire of our society. The general mass of India is the 80 % of the Aam Aadmi, i.e. the common man. Until and unless, the comman man is not satisfied, the wiorld cannot remain happy. Also the Aam Aadmi can easily connect with the audiences as those who are going to watch PROBLEM NO PROBLEM will also connect with the characters of this web series. This concept is a very unique one and nobody earlier has attempted it as a web series. I was very lucky to get a producer like Ajay Jaswal who immediately agreed to produce this web series.

Tell us something about the major characters in this web series.

Jaishankar Tripathi who plays husband of Upaasna Singh is a PRO in the Govt. organisation and has taken voluntary retirement and has started his own consulting agency which finds solutions for all the problems. Most of the time, we say :” Arre bhai problem ho gaya. Then Jaishankar Tripathi will say No Problem, I am there to solve all your problems.” So a Thief comes to him and tells him to solve the problem of Police coming to his house to arrest him. Jaishankar finds a solution for the thief who ultimately robs the house of Jaishankar Tripathi. The scenes I have shot will make everybody laugh their heart out.

How many episodes of  PROBLEM NO PROBLEM has been shot so far ?

We have shot ten episodes of PROBLEM NO PROBLEM so far , The concept is such that there will be never ending problems of the common man and hence I have a wide scope to extend it as much as possible . The Aam Aadmi has to face too many problems of Life and hence the web series will be depicting the Aam Aadmi always. But our web series will show how to solve the problems !

Where have you shot the web series PROBLEM NO PROBLEM ?

My producer Ajay Jaswal hails from Pune where he also has his other businesses like automobile showroom  etc. He suggested a few bungalows for the shooting purpose and we were all comfortable shooting the episodes so far in Pune. Hemant Pandey and Uday Dahia,,  the Laughter Comedy Stand Up Comedian are also playing major roles in this web series. I will be also adding many more actors in the future episodes.. Suresh Verma is the cinematographer while music has been provided by Lalit Mishra. Umashankar Mishra is the editor of this web series.

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