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Pooja Misra proves, she’s hotter than you!

Pooja Misra proves, she’s hotter than you!

# Producer, theater actress, item girl, author and now singer, is there anything that Pooja misra can’t do?
# Well she is all prepped up to unveil her debut dance track, “Hotter than you”, with a sizzling hot music video and that not all !! Along with this song she will launch her limited edition perfume…in snazzy skull shaped bottles declaring an end of an era of frigidity.
Yup the old school romantic is donning a very sexy avatar in the whole hotter than you campaign…
All the other celebrities take the short cut of affiliating with a brand to launch a perfume but this hard working trendsetter actually took a course and learnt how to make her own perfume and is launching it on her own steam.

Wow now that’s a gutsy chic everyone would like to date!
So when you take a whiff of her unisex fragrance don’t forget her manicured gentle hands have actually put it together…the experience pretty much promises to be akin to embracing her .
Now this video and the perfume are two exciting products we can’t wait to see hit the market! Atta girl!

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