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Roopesh Rai Sikand A Visualizer Par Excellence

Roopesh Rai Sikand A Visualizer Par Excellence

A film for a director is a canvas of his imagination and vision right from scripting, selection of artist, technicians, music, editing and so on. He gives life to his imagination on the Silver screen.

Roopesh Rai Sikand, a tall, handsome dynamic personality was born and brought up in a well cultured & educated family in Delhi. Post his graduation he started his career at the age of 19 with ad commercials, documentaries, fillers followed by TV serials, Music videos and feature films. By the time he was 22, he was blessed with three honors which consolidated his confidence to move ahead in the said profession.


Presently, Roopesh has become talk of the nation for his heart-touching short film titled UNFIT. This subject is unique being based on the life of a Eunuch. This is his dream project as the motive here is not only to make a film but to create awareness in people and generate ampathy and kindness towards the sad life of Eunuchs, and to gradually create a difference in their lives. Roopesh said ‘It’s not a film for me. It’s my first step towards a move in the interests of this segment of our society’. He also said, this film doesn’t focus on entertainment. It’s a sheer message to the masses to ampathise and accept Eunuchs with respect and allow them some breathing space.

UNFIT revolves around the struggle and success of a Eunuch from Rajasthan who leaves the city, due to ill-treatment of his father as well as society and comes to Bollywood in Mumbai to become a successful dancer. He looses his adolescence with no choice, facing number of difficulties but does turn successful with a smile on his face and tears in eyes.

Though the title of the movie is Unfit, it is the best fitted title  for this film, according to the script.

Through cinema, Roopesh wants the audience to realize and sense the various dimension of the society and wants them to observe the optimistic aspects of life through his vision. Roopesh believes that cinema is one of the most powerful medium which offers audience the glimpse of this versatile world through the ingenious vision of the director.

Roopesh has numerable projects to his credit which comprises direction for fillers, Tele-films, Tele-serials, TV commercials, documentaries, Music videos and Feature Films.

He has achieved various milestone in his prolific career through constant dedication and hard-work and the inborn spirit which drives him through ups and downs of life.

He has made an outstanding presence on silver screen with his film Canada Di Flight,  featuring Yuvraj Hans and Navraj Hans, the sons of legendary Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans. The film has been released and appreciated both in India and abroad. His next project is  Gang of Sher Ali.

The day is not far when he will be listed amongst the top notch producers-directors of the world.


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