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South Africa Availed The opportunity To Learn The Importance Of Mindfulness with Ishan Shivanand

South Africa Availed The opportunity To Learn The Importance Of Mindfulness with Ishan Shivanand

In a special convergence of medical science with ancient science, doctors, medical practitioners and professionals of Lenmed Ahmed Kathrada Hospital in Lenasia, South Africa availed the opportunity to learn the importance of mindfulness and meditation in conventional medicinal treatment from award winning global mindfulness master Ishan Shivanand as the latter made his gracious presence to the hospital on Tuesday, 10th July on an invitational session – ‘Mindfulness Prescription with Ishan Shivanand’.

Speaking on the occasion, wellness wizard Ishan laid emphasis on the ironical need for doctors to de-stress themselves and be healthy in order to provide effective treatment, healing & cure to their patients. “Just like the doctors sanitise themselves before and after every patient visit, they ought to sanitise themselves on the emotional, mental and psychic level as well,” the young visionary stated, adding how medical schools such as Harvard had validated through research that mindfulness and meditation lower stress and thus create a perfect ground for faster healing.

The session, which was aired live to the global audience through social media, saw the master offering profound insights for honing the inner self to activate self healing capabilities. He taught the participating doctors meditative techniques, holistic healing protocols & perspective alterations to therapy in particular and life in general. He also harped on the fact that since every patient approaches a doctor in stress, with the hope of finding a cure to his ailments, there was an obvious need for doctors to be fountainhead of positive life force themselves.

In a discourse full of humour, Ishan said that meditation as a complement to medical science was an idea whose time had come and that doctors would see for themselves the convalescence rates improving if they factored in the subtle aspects of a disease, the roots. “A human being is a sum total of the body, mind, emotions and impressions. If we can take an integrative approach to treatment, we can experience more powerful and lasting cure to diseases plaguing man,” he stated.

The medical fraternity on behalf of Lenmed presented a certificate of acknowledgement to the humanitarian for enlightening the doctors in a science beyond science which would act as a support, as an assistant to them on their quest to bringing health & wellness to the world.

Pigeon Media (Abhishek Dubey)

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