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Mrs India Inc Beauty Pageant 2023 Under Scrutiny – Allegations Of Favouritism And Lack Of Transparency Surface

Mrs India Inc Beauty Pageant 2023 Under Scrutiny –  Allegations Of Favouritism And Lack Of Transparency Surface

# Contestants Demand Investigation

# ” Were threatened to avoid going to press “, says Contestants

# Discrepancies Unveiled in Mrs. India Beauty Pageant 2023 Selection Process

Delhi, August 4,  2023 – A press conference was organised at Press Club of India, Delhi  revealed concerning issues surrounding the overall selection process of Mrs. India Beauty Pageant 2023, Season – 4, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Contestants who participated in the pageant, organized by Ms. Mohini Sharma, gathered to express their concerns about favouritism and lack of transparency in the judging panel. Among the attendees were contestants Prerna Sood from Dubai, Ritu Narain, Jagmeet Kour, Saloni Grover, and Shivika Singh Bais, who travelled from different parts of India.

The Mrs. India Beauty Pageant has always been celebrated for empowering married women and promoting their achievements and talents. However, recent allegations have cast doubts on the credibility of the results, threatening the pageant’s reputation.

Prerna Sood emphasized on the need for independent auditing, contestants scoring from judges, panel, organisation and stringent measures to restore faith in the pageant’s credibility. Ritu Narain voiced the participants demand for an honest and impartial competition also fair judgement. Jagmeet Kour expressed concern over arbitrary scoring, presented supporting pictures which compromises the credibility of the pageant. Saloni Grover stressed the importance of transparency as despite several requests and reminders MRS INDIA INC has failed to provide official receipts for financial transactions, Unfulfilled Commitments of photoshoot and other packages. Shivika Singh Bais urged a thorough investigation into the allegations of favouritism and scrutiny of Udaan fundraiser.

Attendees also received a threatening message and mail for legal action to be taken by the organisation if they seek answers publicly.

However, they also believe that addressing these issues will uphold the pageant’s reputation as a platform celebrating the talent and achievements of married women from all walks of life.

Together, the contestants called for a fair resolution to the matter as despite their various attempts Mrs India Inc has not responded to their queries, hence they were forced to go public and appealed to the organizing committee to implement measures ensuring transparency and impartiality in future editions of the pageant.

Participants, witnesses, and concerned individuals are encouraged to cooperate with ongoing investigations to ensure fairness and integrity in the Mrs. India Inc Beauty Pageant.


Mrs India Inc Beauty Pageant 2023 Under Scrutiny –  Allegations Of Favouritism And Lack Of Transparency Surface

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