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FAKE BOYFRIEND Captivates Audiences In Second Week: Producer And Cast Celebrate Success

FAKE BOYFRIEND  Captivates Audiences In Second Week: Producer And Cast Celebrate Success

Mumbai, June 29, 2024 – Anju Dhingra’s Hindi romantic comedy “Fake Boyfriend” is proving to be a box office hit, delighting audiences well into its second week. Starring Saurabh Sharma in the lead role, the film continues to draw crowds and receive widespread praise for its heartfelt story and strong performances.

At a recent screening at Movie Time Theatre in Hub Mall, Mumbai, the film’s producer Anju Dhingra and lead actor Saurabh Sharma surprised fans by attending in person. Their appearance was met with excitement and appreciation, as they watched the audience’s enthusiastic reactions to the film.

Viewers have lauded “Fake Boyfriend” for its touching narrative and impressive acting, highlighting the film’s deep societal message wrapped in a family drama. The plot follows Pihu, a young girl with a delicate heart condition, and her romantic entanglement with Yash, portrayed by Saurabh Sharma. A standout moment is Pihu’s heartfelt dialogue, “If I am still alive, it is because of your love, Papa. Yash loves me like you, and the love of all of you will never let my heart stop beating.” This scene has struck a chord with many, underlining the film’s emotional core.

Saurabh Sharma’s performance as Yash, a character rich with emotional complexity, has been particularly praised. His portrayal has earned him a growing fan base, with many eager to snap selfies with him after the screening. Tanishq Shukla’s role in the film also received positive feedback from the audience.

“Fake Boyfriend,” which hit theaters on June 21, 2024, continues to attract a diverse audience, including significant numbers of women and children. Directed by Sam D’Souza, the film skillfully explores themes of love and sacrifice across generations, making it a relatable and heartwarming watch for viewers of all ages.

In addition to Saurabh Sharma’s notable performance, the film features a talented ensemble cast, including Upasana Rath, Buniyad Ahmed, Payal Kaushal, Kajal Thakur, Pawan, and Mohammad Asif, who have all delivered commendable performances. The supporting character of Priyanka adds significant depth to the central love story, enhancing the film’s overall impact.

Shot across the picturesque landscapes of Himachal Pradesh and the vibrant city of Mumbai, “Fake Boyfriend” stands as a testament to Anju Dhingra’s vision of fostering new talent. Despite the challenges of working with a limited budget, Dhingra has produced a quality film that has been granted a U certificate, making it suitable for audiences of all ages.

Buniyad Ahmed, the film’s executive producer, played a crucial role in the successful realization of this project. He remarked on the challenges and triumphs of producing the film within constrained resources, stating, “Our team proved that creativity and determination can overcome any financial limitations. We focused on making the best use of what we had and ensured that every aspect of the film met high standards. The success of ‘Fake Boyfriend’ is a testament to our collective effort and passion.”

With “Fake Boyfriend” continuing to win hearts and entertain, Anju Dhingra expressed her gratitude to the audience for their support. She also teased her upcoming project, a thriller, which promises to captivate viewers once again. Her dedication to producing compelling stories with fresh faces is evident in her current and future projects.

As “Fake Boyfriend” continues its successful run, the film celebrates the enduring power of love and the strength of familial bonds, making it a standout choice for cinema enthusiasts.


FAKE BOYFRIEND  Captivates Audiences In Second Week: Producer And Cast Celebrate Success

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