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Sanjay Dutt Inaugurate’s India’s First Automated Gym

Sanjay Dutt Inaugurate’s India’s First Automated Gym

Fitness is the most essential part of one’s day to day life and now is the time to stub out the ho-hum run of the mill gyms who care more about money than the wellness of their members. Adapt fitness is here to break the mould for the people struggling with their fitness regime.

That’s right. A mega fitness club to rejuvenate the people pushing them towards enormous fitness techniques, testing their limits. In where the people can thoroughly show their fitness abilities.

This is India’s first automated gym with 18000 sq feet space, featuring the most advance imported equipment curated to help people achieving their fitness goals in more ways than one could ever imagine, concluding the heavy workout sessions in the therapeutic steam and sauna rooms to rejuvenate your senses.
Adapt fitness gym has been in cahoots especially due to its inauguration done by an A-lister of bollywood who took fitness to another level and it’s none other than Sanjay Dutt. In addition to this bollywood’s ace designer Ramesh Dembla curated a one of a kind fashion show based on fitness with Sanjay Dutt.

The fitness freak Sanjay Dutt when asked about the same,said “fitness is very important for everyone and adapt fitness will help people to achieve their fitness goals pushing their limits. I loved the gym the look all the emmenities provided were amazing and rare which cannot be found in any regular gym. They were all so advanced and fine” Mr Kiran, bringing his 12 years of fitness training and management experience along with Mr Abdul Subhan and Mr Vijay Kumar, the three are the founders of Adapt Fitness.
Sanjay Dutt inaugurated the gym following with a fitness fashion show by none other than Ramesh Dembla.
Mr Kiran quoted “having such gym for people, fulfilling their needs, requirements have always been a dream. More over Sanjay Dutt inaugurating the gym was in itself a huge support. He’s been extremely warm and kind and I thank him for the same”
To which Mr Dembla concluded “It was an amazing show. I could put forth one of my best collections forward. I am so glad that I could portray such collection and having Sanjay Dutt was a cherry on the cake. He is extremely kind and supportive and would love to work with him soon”

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