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Employee Empowerment – Aries Group Gifts 50% Shares To Its Employees

Employee Empowerment –  Aries Group Gifts 50% Shares To Its Employees

The common factor which paves the way to success of every organization is engaged and focused on employees that are led by a visionary leader and an operations group that connects with the employees. While strategies are key to success, a real win for any organization lies in the execution of the strategy such that the revenue goals are achieved. And this is met by the employees at large, so it is important to have focused employees executing the strategy.

NRI tycoon Sohan Roy spearheads Aries Group, one of the largest multinational conglomerates in Middle East, implemented a creative management principle for making the company as a society to share 50% of its profit with the employees to make them more responsible, committed, valued and many more.

“This gives a feeling of ownership to them. People tend to remember such gratitude for a very long time,” said Sohan Roy, Founder chairman & CEO of Aries Group of Companies.

In addition to this, the group initiated Parent pension scheme for employees and pension to retired employees. The unique concept of considering the entire company as a family, while the parents are being honored with lifelong pension for their efforts to mould their child as a professional to serve the company, has become a Model Management Principle with better humanitarian values. Aries is perhaps the only company in the world to initiate such a pioneering concept.

Besides being a business leader, Sohan Roy has been at the forefront in fulfilling the social commitments in the personal as well as corporate levels. Being at the helm of some great CSR initiatives, he has offered persistent support to his community in every way possible.

Few of his initiatives include relief work in the flood affected remote areas in Chennai and Nepal rescue operations, production of world’s first charity movie ‘Jalam’, and AickarakkonatheBhishaguaranmaar etc.

The Aries group operates 48 companies in 15 countries namely UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, Russia and Italy.

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