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SK TIWARI – A True Sanatani Visionary on a Spiritual Journey owner of BHARGAV BHAKTI Bhajan Geet YouTube Channel

SK TIWARI – A True Sanatani Visionary on a Spiritual Journey owner of BHARGAV BHAKTI Bhajan Geet YouTube Channel

S.K. TIWARI, the visionary owner of “BHARGAV BHAKTI” Bhajan Geet YouTube Channel, is Elated to announce a series of remarkable achievements, solidifying the channel’s position as India’s Premier Destination for soulful heart touching Bhakti Music and Spiritual Content.

In last 20 years, no one has thought to bring the novel idea of promoting sanatan dharma, Bhargava Bhakti has recorded 52 shaktipeeth  & 12 Jyotirling songs with explaining the meaning and importance of each.

Songs on 12 Rashis and Nav Graha is also a unique concept of SK. TIWARI. His vision is to spread the awareness of Sanatan Dharma in the entire society , so that the coming generation shoud know the importance of Sanatan dharma.

Already 50 Thousand Devotees Subscribers have join & making it Grow Day By Day. Channel Growing is Real Unbelievable that Santan Bhakti..

With unwavering devotion and support from its viewers, “BHARGAV BHAKTI” has surpassed the 50 thousand devotees subscribers Making it A  Milestone. The channel’s subscriber base continues to grow rapidly, a testament to the profound impact of its captivating Bhajans and Devional Geets.

A Treasure Trove of 60+ Bhakti Song Live Performances!

“BHARGAV BHAKTI” has successfully organized and streamed over 60 live performances of enchanting Bhakti songs. These soul-stirring renditions, presented by esteemed artists, have resonated with audiences, fostering a sense of spiritual connection and serenity.

Unveiling India’s Rich Cultural Heritage.

Dedicated to promoting the essence of Bhakti through music, “BHARGAV BHAKTI” has become a beacon of India’s rich cultural heritage on YouTube. The channel’s carefully curated content includes traditional and contemporary bhajans, kirtans, aartis, and spiritual Devional discourses, preserving and celebrating the country’s diverse traditions.

S.K.TIWARI- A True Sanatani Visionary on a Spiritual Journey.

S.K. TIWARI the driving force behind “BHARGAV BHAKTI,” is an ardent believer in the power of devotional music to unite hearts and minds. His passion for preserving and propagating the legacy of Bhakti has inspired countless individuals, contributing to the channel’s widespread popularity.

Connect & Devote with “BHARGAV BHAKTI” Bhajan Geet YouTube Channel

To experience the divine melodies and stay updated with the latest spiritual offerings, visit “BHARGAV BHAKTI” on YouTube:

SK.TIWARI expresses profound gratitude to all the devotees, supporters, and well-wishers who have played an integral role in “BHARGAV BHAKTI’s” success story. He shares, “The overwhelming response we have received reaffirms our belief in the power of Bhakti music to touch lives and spread positivity. We are committed to continuing this sacred journey with renewed zeal and devotion.”

About “BHARGAV BHAKTI” Bhajan Geet YouTube Channel

“BHARGAV BHAKTI” is a renowned Bhakti  Channel on YouTube, devoted to presenting the beauty and essence of Bhakti music in India’s diverse cultural tapestry. Through soulful bhajans, kirtans, aartis, and live performances, the channel fosters an environment of spiritual awakening and harmony.

SK TIWARI – A True Sanatani Visionary on a Spiritual Journey owner of BHARGAV BHAKTI Bhajan Geet YouTube Channel

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