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COSMICREVIVAL.ORG – Cosmic Revolution to start a new era of Cosmic Life without Medicines

COSMICREVIVAL.ORG  – Cosmic Revolution to start a new era of Cosmic Life without Medicines

Cosmic Revolution to start a new era of Cosmic Life without Medicines

A new research has evolved as a light of hope in this modern era where Healthcare cost is increasing Negativity/ Stress in the Society Is on the extreme. Dr. Ajay Magan a renowned Cosmic Healer, Inventor & Cosmic Engineer has introduced first time in the World, Cosmopathy for Good Health & Cosmology for Positive & Smooth life.

This theory is backed by a range of innovative Gadgets & Lifestyle products. The Uniqueness of the concept is its scientific base & evidence of before &. after results. Dr. Ajay Magan has a wholesome support and backing of famous Saints & Healers especially the most respectable Mahamandleshwar Shri Kailashcand Ji Maharaj of Haridwar. According to Swamiji Dr. Ajay has just extended the knowledge of the Vedas which existed since 1st civilization. Our ancient Saints were spiritual scientists & Cosmic Science was then a common science. Dr. Ajay Magan has added the latest researches to make this a scientific version of the proven & time tested knowledge which is now going to become a boon in the life of millions.


When asked about cosmopathy Dr. Ajay Magan informed that we human beings are most powerful Irving beings, when birds & animals do not need any Doctor or Medical support in the Jungle then why we have a dependency or medicines. This modern science & medicines never existed before 200 years & still our ancestors lived long live with better energy & immunity. He further informed that Cosmology Is the science of the life. According to him negativity, stress, depression, diseases, disputes & struggles does not have any place in our life. Every human being can have smooth life & success if he has Cosmic Connect & Cosmic intelligence.

Cosmic is the organization which will take this concept of medicine less treatments, Non Invasive Diagnostics & Cosmic Courses for healthy people to stay away from drugs, Doctors as well as patients. First centre of the world has been created to start the Cosmic revolution from the bank of Gangaji at Handwar. Uttarakhand.

Based in the theory they have developed unique Gadgets where just by the energies whole body can be diagnosed within minutes & these reports will match the expensive pathology reports. The centre will give detailed reports on Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Energy & Karmic diseases. Surprisingly even the incurable diseased of the modern science like Alzimer, Autism, Hypertension, Diabities, Wheat Allergy, Cancer etc. can be cured without medicines with in a short frame of time.

The inauguration of the centre is being held on 4th December 2018 by Centre Ministers & Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. Mr. Umesh Agarwal of Dehradun a mass leader & spokesman of the organization said in the time of stressed life & new diseases emerging in the society due to pollution, adulteration & passive life style this news has come as a new hope.

This Miracle has started.

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