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MAITHILI Paintings Exhibition By Five Women Artists @ Art Entrance Gallery

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From: Monday, 27th November to Sunday, 10th December 2023


An Exhibition of Paintings

By Women Artists – Pratibha Wagh, Jyotsna Sonavane, Rekha Bhiwandikar, Mita Vora, Paneri Bhiva Punekar


Art Entrance Gallery

Army & Navy Building, M G Road,

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai – 400001

Timing: 10am to 8pm

Contact: +91 9820128651

Kala Ghoda Association Presents ‘Maithili’ Exhibition Celebrating Women Artists

This show was inaugurated on 27th November 2023 by Brinda Miller(KGA Chairperson & an eminent artist)

The exhibition features the works of five talented women artists: Pratibha Wagh, Jyotsna Sonavane, Rekha Bhiwandikar, Mita Vora, Paneri Bhiva Punekar. Each artist brings a unique perspective and style to the showcase, making it a diverse and vibrant collection.

The show is curated by Varsha Karale

Pratibha Wagh’s Enchanting Canvases 

An artist of any discipline first sees the idea manifest in his mind and then begins his expression of it. Mrs. Pratibha Wagh celebrates nature in her mind before giving it a form to be enjoyed by its beholders. Her paintings of nature are resplendent with the rich influences of Madhubani, Chitrakathi and Indian miniature paintings. The resultant style inherently demands a rather difficult merger of detailing and precision while the size of her canvas doesn’t allow her the liberty of being artistically vague, it does insist upon sharp precision of strokes that are at once bold and light. Mrs. Wagh manages this tightrope walk with consummate ease. Her paintings give you a distinctly joyous experience of a dreamlike state, and their old world. The message in her paintings is loud and clear. Unless man loves and respects  nature, he has no right to its beauty and benevolence. 

Jyotsna Sonavane: A Journey Inward 

Jyotsna Sonavane describes her artistic journey as an inward exploration for outward expressions. Her abstract language of lines and colors captures the evolving compositions that gain new meanings over time. Inspired by nature, Sonavane’s paintings mimic the organic beauty of stone, petrified wood, and flowing rainwater. The emotional depth of her work is conveyed through the movement of brushwork and layered colors, creating a rich history within each piece.

Rekha Bhivandikar: Exploring Memories Through Art

Rekha Bhivandikar, a contemporary artist, presents ‘Memories,’ an exhibition that reflects her deep admiration for memories. Having grown up in a small village, Wada, Bhivandikar’s journey as a commercial artist includes 26 group exhibitions throughout India. Her recent focus involves exploring the similarities and differences between Maharashtra Lok Kala-Warli and Bihar-Madhubani, creating a fusion of these traditional art forms.

Mita Vora: Passionate Tigers on Canvas

Mita Vora’s art is centered around the majestic tiger, symbolizing physical strength, vitality, and health. Through the use of ink and palette knife on canvas, Vora skillfully brings these powerful creatures to life. Her commendable and brilliant style involves a universal mix of raw and bold layers of colors, reflecting subtle values and positive attributes associated with the tiger.

Paneri Bhiva Punekar: Transcendence of Banaras

Paneri Bhiva Punekar’s series, ‘Transcendence of Banaras,’ is a thematic conceptualization of the religious sanctity, glory, and divine fervor associated with the holy city of Varanasi. Using poster colors on paper in her unique style, Punekar’s works artistically adorn various pieces with ethnic and exquisite hues, capturing the spirituality prevalent in the temples, shrines, and continuous chanting at the Ghats. 

The ‘Maithili’ exhibition is a celebration of the divine energy inherent in women, transferred onto rich, vibrant canvases that aim to invoke the same energy in the viewers. The participating artists bring years of experience and hard work to this showcase, making it a must-visit for art enthusiasts and the general public alike. 


MAITHILI Paintings Exhibition By Five Women Artists @ Art Entrance Gallery

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THE CHILDHOOD STORIES An Exhibition of Paintings by well-known artist Madhavi Joshi in Jehangir Art Gallery

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From: 27th November to 3rd December 2023

“The Childhood Stories”

An Exhibition of Paintings by well-known artist Madhavi Joshi


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: +91 93254 00038


This show was inaugurated on 27th November 2023 by Bir & Neev (Child Artist), Pooja & Kalpesh Joshi(Architects) in the presence of Nitin Jadia(Art Collector), Dr. Navroz Kotwal(Orthodontist), Dr. Subhash Shah(POPO Landon) among others.

 About Artist Madhavi Joshi                                                From time immemorial, numerous art forms emerged through man’s aesthetic adventure. Amongst them painting is one of the most creative art forms which uplifts the mind, life and soul towards the divine.

In the realm of art an artist always gets inspiration from the environment and entourage he lives in. Artist Madhavi Joshi  Engineer by qualification and Artist by passion graduated in Fine Arts Painting from  Pune University has a unique style depicting spiritual Indian mythological idols and Hindu iconography through her paintings .

She has exhibited her work through 25+ solo and  100+group exhibitions in famous galleries in India and abroad and achieved more than 10 awards.

In addition to this she has participated in numerous auctions and donated her paintings for charities.

Her series of paintings represents her artistic expression on the sanctity and relevance of numerous vignettes of Indian culture compared to their modern practices.

In her series – ‘The Divine Perception’ , she has inculcated various elements of nature, their symbols and iconography to impart visual effects of glory and transparency along with the memories of countries past heritage through impressive strokes .The relevance’s of various colours and symbols and their sanctity along with meditational hues are prominent in her work.

The artist’s work in her latest series ‘The Childhood stories’  is characterized by its thought-provoking narrative, which not only showcases the beauty of nostalgia but also addresses critical issues that demand our attention and empathy. Through her intriguing and engaging techniques, she manages to create a striking juxtaposition between the joys and the hardships of childhood, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer’s mind. This series serves as a testament to the power of art to convey complex emotions and to draw attention to important social issues in a visually captivating and emotionally resonant manner.

Relevance of vivid lines , geometrical figures , shapes and contours along with their colourful lines through the illuminations/brightness , light and shade and reflection effects in the apt arenas have together enhanced the visual perceptive levels in her creations which often amaze and mesmerises one and all by leaving an indelible impact on their  minds and souls.

 She says that “nature is a wonderful art piece created by god –whether it is Earth ,Space,Universe,Living beings or divine natural powers are enough to ignite my imagination and inspire me to create and pursue my artistic journey.”


Artist Madhavi Joshi Exhibits Her Solo Show THE CHILDHOOD STORIES At Jehangir Art Gallery

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Mr Abdul Matlab Ahmad Chairman Of Nitol Niloy Group From Bangladesh Visited India And Opened New Avenues With Dr Dipankar Roy A Renowned Artist And Humanitarian

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Abdul Matlub Ahmad, Chairman of the Nitol-Niloy Group in Bangladesh, leads a prominent business entity in the country. The Nitol-Niloy Group, a well-known name in Bangladesh, is strategically planning expansion and venturing into foreign investments through joint ventures. Mr. Ahmad envisions collaboration with Dr. Dipankar Roy, an Indian humanitarian artist.

Dr. Roy is passionately dedicated to enlisting corporate support for breast cancer survivors globally and has already partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Dallas, Texas, USA. This alliance reflects a forward-thinking approach, merging business expansion with a commitment to social responsibility, specifically focusing on supporting those affected by breast cancer. The partnership seeks to bring about positive change by intertwining corporate endeavors with humanitarian causes on an international scale. The joint endeavour will also enhance to the creative jone .

Mr.Abdul Matlub Ahmad graced India with a visit, extending heartfelt felicitations to Dr. Dipankar Roy, a renowned artist and humanitarian. Acknowledging Dr. Roy’s contributions, he expressed a desire for collaborative creative initiatives with Dr. Roy and his team, fostering cultural and artistic exchanges between the two nations.

This meeting marks the convergence of commerce and creativity, promising a meaningful partnership that transcends boundaries and celebrates the shared values of art and humanity. The prospect of collaborative endeavors reflects a commitment to strengthen bilateral ties through the transformative power of art and innovation.


Mr Abdul Matlab Ahmad Chairman Of Nitol Niloy Group From Bangladesh Visited India And Opened New Avenues With Dr Dipankar Roy A Renowned Artist And Humanitarian

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Xishmiya Brown – Latest Pictures

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Xishmiya Brown – Latest Pictures


Xishmiya Brown – Latest Pictures

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After Her Success In Bhojpuri Films, Actress Priya Singh To Appear In A Hindi Web Series And A Feature Film

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Indian actress Priya Singh, known for her commendable performances in Bhojpuri cinema, is gearing up for a new chapter in her career. Having graced the screen in films like ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Sangharsh 2’ alongside Bhojpuri sensation Khesari Lal Yadav, Priya is set to make her mark in Bollywood with an upcoming web series and a feature film.

Starting her journey with a Bhojpuri film titled ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai,’ where she shared the screen with Prince Singh Rajput, Payas Pandit, and Sushil Kumar Singh, Priya Singh quickly rose to prominence. Priya’s impactful role opposite Khesari Lal Yadav in ‘Sangharsh 2’ further cemented her position in the regional film industry.

Despite holding a diploma in Mechatronics, Priya Singh’s true passion lies in acting. After realizing her calling, she pursued her dreams and immersed herself in the world of theatre at Kala Premi in Mumbai. This decision proved to be a turning point in her life, leading her to a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Now, Priya Singh is ready to explore new horizons beyond regional cinema. The talented actress is excited to make her debut on the digital platform with an upcoming Hindi web series, scheduled to commence filming in December 2023. This marks a significant milestone in her career as she steps into the world of OTT entertainment.

With her skills finely honed and a successful track record in regional films, Priya Singh is not limiting herself to one medium. Eager to embrace diverse opportunities, she is already in talks for a Hindi feature film too. The actress, with her dedication and talent, is poised to carve a niche for herself in the broader spectrum of the Indian entertainment industry.

As we eagerly await updates from Priya Singh, it’s evident that the newbie is on the brink of achieving greater heights. Her journey from Bhojpuri cinema to the broader canvas of Bollywood reflects her determination to explore and excel in different aspects of the film and entertainment world.

Apart from this, Priya Singh has several offers from brands and production houses alike for endorsement deals, music videos, TV shows and web series. As the actress excels in the industry, let’s wait to see what she has in store her fans. Watch out for Priya Singh as she embarks on this exciting new phase, bringing her charisma and acting skills to a broader audience.


After Her Success In Bhojpuri Films, Actress Priya Singh To Appear In A Hindi Web Series And A Feature Film

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Indian Shakira Piyu Chouhan Celebrated Her Birthday In A Gala Gathering Many Celebrities Came To Wish Her

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Among those who attended the birthday were Aslam Sheikh, M L A, businessman, model Rudra, Actor Imran Sheikh, Gayatri Singh, Varun kapoor, celebrity designer Ashok Punjabi, actress Jagruti Parihar, Faizal Khan, Dcp Sandeep Bhazibkhare, P.I.Manoj Pawar, Khushi Pandey, Nitu Solanki, Sandy sir inspector RTO Bandra police station..Sameer Dhorilla, owner of Zoila Club and Partho Ghosh from Delhi.

The party went till the vee hours with lots of fun, dance. All guests wished Piyu chouhan and she also gave her performance.


Indian Shakira Piyu Chouhan Celebrated Her Birthday In A Gala Gathering Many Celebrities Came To Wish Her

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Photo Shoot For Kids By Kidzania In Mumbai Priyanka Banerjee Is The Founder, Partners Zaheer Shaikh And Zuberiya Sayyed

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Kidzania organized a photo shoot especially for kids in Mumbai in which a lot of children participated. This photoshoot took place on 19th November 2023. WestCoast Entertainment presents Persona KidZania Founder Priyanka Banerjee, Co-Founder Neville Bodhanwala, Partners Zaheer Shaikh and Zuberiya Sayyed. This photoshoot was kept for both boys and girls.

Along with the children, their parents also looked very excited about this exclusive photoshoot. Parents said that we have got a very good platform and we are all excited that our children should progress through this platform. Asmita Bharti said that my children are in Kidzania and this is a great opportunity for the children. There is a very good atmosphere here. Here the personality of children and their self-confidence develops.

Founder Priyanka Banerjee said that this is our first season. This time we thought for the children, after this photoshoot some children will be selected and then the kids pageant will start.

We have been conducting Persona Mrs. India competition for the last 5 years. Next year will be our 6th season. Meanwhile, we thought of organizing this competition for children because children have a lot of talent but they are not able to get the right path and the right platform.

While talking to the media, Priyanka Banerjee said that we will select some children by doing photoshoot in every city, then there will be a pageant of three-four days where we will groom the children, give them training and the winner will be announced,  through our production house WestCoast Entertainment, Work will be provided in ad shoots etc. The photoshoot has started from Mumbai, after which photoshoots will be done in 18 cities like Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad etc.

Kidzania Fashion Show will be organized in March-April next year. Generally people target only big cities whereas we also go to small cities like Ranchi, Raigarh, Raipur where talents have less opportunities.

Co-founder Neville told that he has recently joined the company as a co-founder. The experience of working with Priyanka Banerjee is good. KidZania is a great platform for gifted children.

Company partner Zaheer Shaikh said that KidZania is a golden opportunity for children and their parents.

Partner Zuberiya also described the concept of this show as unique.

Kids Participated in Phoot Shoot are as follow:

  • Prisha Kushal Jain
  • Yavi mahaveer mehta
  • Raizel Anthony Gomes
  • Aarvi shinde
  • Vaishnavi Mishra
  • I
  • Swaragini Abhijit Desai
  • Vaishnavi Mahesh Indorkar
  • Dhanasvi Patil
  • Saanavi Sharma
  • Harshit Patil
  • Saavi singh
  • Hruzal Wasnik
  • Tiara Mauulik Mehta
  • Kangana Manoj Kotian
  • Amayra Ansari
  • Vritika shukla
  • Avantika sureshlal kastick
  • Maanya
  • Dev vimal kanugo
  • Vansh Vijay
  • Dev vimal kanugo
  • Raees
  • Sanavi Dahatonde
  • Johanna jeevan chand
  • yug
  • Diaa pandya
  • Nusayr loladia
  • Aarika Madhusudhanan
  • Prerana
  • Anaika Jaiswal
  • Eric Timothy
  • Evaan Mukherjee
  • Kairo
  • Zaafirah
  • Ishita Mehta
  • Riddhi Doddamani
  • Aagam dhaval charla
  • Keev Gupta
  • Sayesha Amol patil
  • Ovi Javir
  • Muskan Sayed
  • Saanjh Peter Joseph
  • Vaishnavi Anil Fadtare
  • Rajvee Rajesh tambe
  • Naomika Sachin Hulawale
  • Lunasha Shukla
  • Manyata Abhishek Vengurlekar
  • Eadlin Edroy Kinny
  • Aayra Arethiya
  • Kaya Mishra
  • Kiya Mishra
  • Aavir Priyank Shah
  • Divyana Indranil Barge
  • mumtaj Shikalgar
  • Minal Malvi
  • Sharvil Shinde


Photo Shoot For Kids By Kidzania In Mumbai  Priyanka Banerjee Is The Founder, Partners Zaheer Shaikh And Zuberiya Sayyed

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Bollywood Actress Neha Bansal Makes History Yet Again By One More Laurel Under Her Name

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Neha Bansal, the famous Bollywood celebrity who was reported recently to have tied a knot has been making history yet again by being honoured again by Samta award 2023 for her exceptional work in her upcoming movie Sach ki Jeet which is all set for a grand release in 2024 with her item number as a special guest in the movie with her song “Meerut ki Rewari” which has been already getting lot of attention from all the Bollywood to become a blockbuster song for all weddings in the coming year 2024.The honour was done by the God of Bollywood Dada Sahab Phalke’s Grandson, Chandra Shekhar Pusalkar, as he was invited specially as Chief Guest for the Award function.It was a shocker for all the guests at the function when Neha announced her upcoming movie which she has been working on Bollywood God himself, Sh Dada Sahab Phalke ji to which his Grandson blessed her and have assured his full cooperation to her for her  project.

The function has lot of big names from the Bollywood like Kiron Arya (Actress from RRR), Jonny Lever, Junior Mehmood, Ahsaan Qureshi, Sunil Pal, Tina Ghai, Payal Goga Kapoor, Rajbir Kundu (the actor from movie Dangal and Sultan), Banwari Lal Jhol (Acting coach of Ranvir Singh and big Celebrities), the whole unit of the famous Television show Babiji Ghar par Hai etc.

Kiron Arya, the actress from RRR, was also honoured with a special award by Neha Bansal who hosted the entire show with her comedy and tadka.

The function also saw the launch of the trailor, poster and song of the upcoming movie “Sach ki Jeet” which was a special moment for the entire audiences present.

Neha Bansal as we all know has won innumerable awards in her past for her continued success in Bollywood from her past 21 years experience, recently she made to news with her internationally acclaimed worldwide awarded movie Respect Her.

She was also appreciated by the Censor Board with a “U” Certificate with her movie “Fart Fata fat”.

When we asked her for her comments she only said her dream is to won another Oscar for her Country for her movie on Dada Sahab Phalke which is her dream project on which she’s working and searching for investors.

This whole award function was organised by Kali Ram Tomar, the famous social activist from Delhi.The function was organised at Mayor Hall Juhu Mumbai.

Bollywood Actress Neha Bansal Makes History Yet Again By One More Laurel Under Her Name

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KAAL BHAIRAV RAHASYA Fame Ahwaan Kumar Bags A Lead Role In An Upcoming OTT Web Series

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Ahwaan Kumar, known for his captivating performances in Star Bharat’s ‘Kaal Bhairav Rahasya’ season 1 and season 2, is set to achieve a significant milestone in his career. Recent reports indicate he has secured a lead role in a major upcoming web series slated for release on an OTT platform.

With a rich background in theatre spanning over 15 years, Ahwaan Kumar has finely honed his craft on the stage. The accomplished actor has notably featured in the award-winning and internationally acclaimed play ‘Ananya’ in Hindi. Interestingly, this play has been adapted into a Marathi film, released on July 22, 2022.

In the world of cinema, Ahwaan has demonstrated his versatility in the Hindi comedy ‘Happy Husbands’ and the unreleased film ‘A New Love Ishtory,’ where he shared the screen with Himesh Reshammiya, Niharika Singh and Raqesh Bapat, directed by John Matthew Matthan.

On the small screen, Ahwaan Kumar has left a lasting impression with his roles in popular shows like ‘Kumkum Bhagya’, ‘Vighnaharta Ganesh’, ‘Geet Hui Sabse Parayi’ and the suspenseful thriller ‘Kaal Bhairav Rahasya’ where he portrayed Aditya in season 1 and Akshay in the second season of the show.

Beyond his acting prowess, Ahwaan has showcased his talent in TV commercials, featuring in an ad shoot for Luxoverts, a renowned real estate brand, and Coconut Kitchen Wear. The actor is in discussions with several other brands for ad shoots, although his primary focus is on his much-anticipated OTT show.

Returning to his journey, Ahwaan Kumar notes his early initiation into the world of stage and dance, commencing at the age of 5 or 6. During college, he was a dance teacher at a school in his hometown, Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan. Additionally, he has contributed to music videos, events and stage shows as a dancer and choreographer, even as an assistant choreographer to the esteemed Shakur Dance Master.

Moreover, Ahwaan has been a sports enthusiast and has participated in cricket and badminton tournaments, maintaining his physique with a purely vegetarian diet. It undoubtedly showcases his dedication to sports and nutrition with a clean and healthy lifestyle. Behind his fit lifestyle, the actor credits his genetics and upbringing as significant factors.

As Ahwaan Kumar ventures into the OTT landscape with a lead role in an upcoming web series, audiences can anticipate an exciting new chapter in the actor’s dynamic and diverse career. The details of the web series, including its title and release date, are eagerly awaited by fans and industry enthusiasts alike.


KAAL BHAIRAV RAHASYA Fame Ahwaan Kumar Bags A Lead Role In An Upcoming OTT Web Series

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Rekha Rana Expressed Profound Sadness Over The Kerala Bomb Blast Incident

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The unfortunate kerela incident has resulted in the loss of two women and a 12-year-old girl. Rekha Rana, an internationally acclaimed actress and one of Jehovah’s Witness, had recently participated in a similar convention in Los Angeles, where she highlighted the spiritual nature of these annual gatherings. The theme for this year’s convention, “Exercise Patience,” aimed to promote the virtues of patience and love.

During an interview, Rekha Rana disclosed that she became one of Jehovah’s Witness and embraced the faith in November 2022, dedicating her life to God, whose name is Jehovah mentioned more than 7,000 times in the Bible.

Expressing deep concern over the Kerala blast, she revealed that the incident resulted in 55 brothers and sisters sustaining injuries, some of them severe burns. Despite the tragedy, Ms. Rana underscored her unwavering faith and love for God and love for people, emphasizing that such external circumstances cannot deter her commitment. She emphasized that the message of love remains the driving force, resilient even in the face of adversity.

Upon further examination of witness testimonies, it has come to our attention that another prominent individual who embraced the Jehovah’s Witness faith in January 2023 is Serena Williams, a distinguished athlete with 23 Grand Slam singles championships to her credit.

Rekha Rana Expressed Profound Sadness Over The Kerala Bomb Blast Incident

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